Posted by: urbanadventurertales | July 16, 2010

My favorite sippy cup!

We have been through our fair share of sippy cups in the past couple of years… soft plastic tops, straws, hard plastic…. and of all the cups we’ve been through, the Gerber Nuk cups are by far my favorite!

The cup design makes it easy for them to grasp.  It is sturdy and can stand falls and throws across the room.  It doesn’t leak or spill at all.

The top is hard plastic, therefore nearly impossible for them to chew the tops off or cause stratches or leaks.

The backing pops out very easily and it’s very easy to clean both parts of the top of the cup. 

I would highly recommend investing in these!  They are around $7-9 and come in a pack of two.



  1. I love nuk too! I have a different kind, mine are shorter with 2 handles, but totally agree—- they are my “go to” sippy cups for NO leaks. 🙂 Helpful post, good idea!

  2. The exact same cups that we use! I always buy them for toddlers as gifts. They are my go to cup!

  3. My boys used Nuby cups. They were only $1.00 at Walgreens and lasted like forever!!!! They were hard plastic top to prevent leaks and chewing!! They were dishwasher safe also…I don’t know if they carry them anymore, I think I bought them all…LOL Those cups you have there are really cute and look very well made.

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