Posted by: urbanadventurertales | July 25, 2010

The thing about twins…

They really keep you guessing!  Just when the Chef and I think we have them figured out, they switch things up on us.  Prime example was Monday night when we headed to LaPorte for the County Fair.  They had a blast with all the animals and we thought they might be old enough to try out some ride this year.  Lincoln tends to be more adventurous in trying new activities and Malachi is more social in new situations.  So, naturally we figured that Lincoln would have a blast on the rides and Malachi would not like them (espeically since he really likes to be physically secure and is not a fan of heights or fast motion).  We couldn’t have been more wrong.

We started out on the Merry-go-round.  M was quite proud of himself. 


As soon as the ride started, L would NOT sit down.

And eventually would not even touoh the horse.

But was quite proud of himself at the end of the ride. 

We decided to try our luck at a boat ride (you know, because he’d probably do better on a ride where he was on his own without any parent to cling to…HA!)

They both started out a bit timid…and then things quickly digressed for Lincoln once it began moving.

I’m sure seeing many of his adult family members laughing didn’t help matters. 

Hopefully this won’t traumatize him from rides permenantly.



  1. Well, at least he LOVED the animals! It was a lot of fun taking them to the fair, and you got great photos, Holly!

  2. Haha that last photo of Lincoln is hilarious! I love the look on M’s face on the horse too! He does look proud.

  3. Hahaha Holly this post made me laugh–your boys are the best! And I love Ethan’s face when he finally had to just hold Lincoln on the merry go round. 🙂

  4. Aww, poor little guy!! Well at least he loved the animals. Glad he enjoyed them!

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