Posted by: urbanadventurertales | July 31, 2010

Goal #1 complete!

I had 3 goals for the summer:

1. Wean the pacifiers

2. Transfer to big boy bed

3.  Potty train

The last time we tried to wean the pacifiers it was 30-45 min of crying everytime they went down for bed and it lasted for 2 weeks before I finally broke down when we had company over.  So when the Chef took the pacifiers away this time (when I was at work), I thought we were in for a looong battle.  Much to my surprise, they whined for them for about 4 days and then stopped asking.  They still fussed for a few minutes at nap/bedtime, but after a couple of days, they went down just fine!  They haven’t asked for them for more than aweek and are sleeping normally (2 hour naps and 12 hours at night!)

By the end of August, I want to get them in big boy beds.  Then we’ll tackle potty training.



  1. That’s awesome! Way to go boys 🙂

  2. way to go thats great!!!

  3. WTG, L & M!!!

  4. RE: Potty Training: there is a book I used (I know it makes it an antique!) that really helped…. Potty training in less than a day… not because of the ‘less than the day’ part, but because on page 37 (or something like that) it asks questions about whether the child is ready physically…. that really is a big deal… Good luck…

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