Posted by: urbanadventurertales | August 18, 2010

Boot Camp: featuring a 2 year old, a potty chair, 13 pairs of underwear, and one tired mom

So, we decided to embark on the 3 day potty training boot camp (an aquaintance sent the curiculum to me about a month ago).

Malachi was showing a lot of signs of being ready, so we blocked off our schedules for the next couple days and decided to give it a go.  Lincoln wanted nothing to do with it and when he makes up his mind about something, there’s virtually no convincing him.  So, we went about our day and let him warm up at his own pace.  By the end of the day he was at least willing to sit on the toilet (with the lid down).

I think that from a purely objective point of view, Malachi could literally have a career in underwear modeling.  Have you seen a cuter kid in big boy underwear!?  Seriously. 😉

He truly loved wearing his big boy underwear.  We quickly established the difference between wet and dry ones, and he seemed to grasp that concept.  However, he did not catch on to the fact that he needed to pee in the toilet.  He had no problems sitting on the toilet, but did not know what to do when he was on it.  I caught him mid-pee during most of his accidents (there were 13) and we would run to the toilet, but then nothing. 

He stayed dry during his naptime and then proceeded to have several more accidents.  I’m getting better at reading his signs of when he needs to go.  However, I was getting really discouraged towards the end of the day.  I wondered if he’d ever get the concept of peeing IN the toilet!? 

After dinner and bath, I decided to have him try to potty one more time.  And voila!  He peed after just a minute on the toilet!  It was just a little bit, but we made a HUGE deal of it.  He got M&M’s (to which his brother had a melt-down b/c he did not get any), and we jumped up and down like fools!  He was really proud of himself.  After about 20 minutes, he peed in his underwear and came to me and said “Big boy undies wet” and then started crying.  😦  I was really glad he told me and he was upset about it. 

Here’s hoping Day 2 has less accidents than Day 1….



  1. thats so great! i think the first 3-4 days are the worst than it gets better if theyre ready! M looks SO adorable in his underwear!!!

  2. The underwear drying pic is priceless! Any mom who has been through this knows…

  3. This was one of your more entertaining postings, Holly! Malachi is cute as a button in his big boy pants! So funny to see Lincoln happily wearing his diaper sitting on the closed potty chair! And the clothesline of undies was a funny, but fitting ending to the post!

  4. cute

  5. love to pull down the undies and suck him

  6. get your hand in his undies dad , rub his cock make it hard

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