Posted by: urbanadventurertales | August 19, 2010

Day 2

After Day 1, I was fairly skeptical that Malachi would really understand what it meant to pee in the toilet, let alone tell me when he needed to go.  He stayed dry all night, so we got a special treat in the morning for that.  He drank some juice and then started walking around trying to hold his pee in.  I sat him on the toilet and he kept trying to hold it in.  After several small accidents in his underwear, he finally told me “hold” (as in “hold it”) and we ran to the potty and he went big time!  After that, he had 3 successes in a row!  He stayed dry during naptime and only had one peeing accident when he was too busy playing to tell me, and two pooping accidents.  The good news is that he knows how to go and will go every time he is on the toilet.  The next goal to work on is getting him to consistently tell me when he has to go.  He will give some sort of sign usually, but it’s never the same.



  1. we did a timer and made her go every time it beeped until she really got the feeling/urge

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