Posted by: urbanadventurertales | August 22, 2010

Potty training update: need advice!

We’re on Day 5 of potty training!  Malachi is doing fairly well during the day.  Still having a few accidents.  Our biggest issue is getting him to tell us consistently that he has to go.  He will start to go and if we catch him, we’ll run to the toilet and he will finish.  Most of the time, though, we’ll tell him, “Tell mommy and daddy when you have to go.”  He’ll whine or give some sign that we *think* he’s needing to go and when he sits on the toilet he almost always goes.  But he’s not coming to us to tell us beforehand.  So, according to the boot camp we’re doing, you’re not supposed to do timers or make them try to go b/c you want to train them to tell you and learn their own body signals.  But I know plenty of parents who have made their kids try.  So my question is:  For those that have used the boot camp and other methods, how long did it take for the child to tell you they had to go on their own? 

Second issue:  Wetting the bed.  He had been doing really well for the first few nights of keeping his undies dry.  But the past 2 mornings he’s woken up damp.  The sheets are dry, so I think he’s going as soon as he wakes up a little in his undies.  Again, the boot camp tells you to not use pull-ups b/c they can become a crutch.  What do you all think? 

Finally, I’ll leave you with one of the cutest little boo-boo’s (this is what the boys call their bottoms)…

Also, update on Lincoln!!!  He wanted to wear the big boy undies yesterday evening (okay it was through bribery with M&M’s!)  But he was happy to keep them on all evening!  This mornng he did not want to wear them though… and I’m fine with that cause I think one kid is just about all I can handle!



  1. I’m not too familiar with the bootcamp approach (I’ve read maybe 1 article on it). I’m reading a book now called “Diaper Free Baby” (and have started it with Christian)… that talks about making it your goal to have “elimination communication” with your child. But this happens over time, not the method. One thing that seems similar is that you learn your child’s potty/poop patterns by going diaper-free as often as possible at the beginning. It also uses the sign language symbol for toilet, but since your boys can talk, this may not be as important. Like I said, it is a different approach then you are using, but it’s still a GREAT read, I think you would probably like it, at least to get more insight (it seems to go along with more “natural” methods like in other countries). I’m curious to read how things go for you! Good luck!

  2. Obviously I don’t have kids, but w/ my pediatric training, staying dry during the night can come significantly after daytime dryness. Most kids wear big kid underwear during the day and pull-ups at night. I think the bootcamp may be a little over zealous if it says they can obtain both daytime and night time dryness at the same time. Hope that helps 🙂

  3. Hurray on your successes! when you think of what you are trying to accomplish with the little guy, it really is quite amazing….
    the method I used eliminated the step of telling mom… they went right to the potty chair, pulled down their pants and went. So one of the markers on whether it was time to attempt is – can they get to a bathroom without help, can they take down their pants w/o help, and can they hold their urine more than an hour or so… (believe me, you don’t want to be looking for a bathroom every twenty minutes, once you start going out again! They are intrigued with bathrooms enough! that’s a whole blog in itself – “Oh, the Places I’ve gone and the bathrooms I’ve seen!”

  4. mmmmmmmmmmmmmm nice tight little boy bum

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