Posted by: urbanadventurertales | August 24, 2010

Chef Tales: Eggplant medallion with fennel tomato sauce

WOWZA!!!  I think this in my top 5 of favorite recipes the Chef has ever made!!!

First he sliced up eggplant and removed skin.  Breaded it with breadcrumbs, herbs de provence, and seasoned salt and fried in canola oil.

For the sauce, he preheated oven to 400 degrees.  Chopped tomato and fennel and roasted it the oven with a drizzle of olive oil for 30 minutes.  Then simmered in a sauce pan with tomato sauce for another 10 minutes.

He sauteed sliced portabello mushrooms in the same oil used for the eggplant. 

In between the eggplant, he layered mushrooms and fresh mozzarella and put in the oven for 5 minutes so the cheese could melt.  Then poured the sauce overtop. 

The sauce is perfect, delicous and the fennel is so tender, it almost tastes like artichoke hearts.  The eggplant is crisp and not greasy and melds perfectly with the cheese and mushrooms.  It is better than any eggplant parmesan I’ve ever had!

He paired a simple arugula salad with it.  Delicioso!


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