Posted by: urbanadventurertales | August 29, 2010

My kids are funny

As exhausting as they can be, we laugh a good 50% of the time in our house. 

Cute things that the boys are currently saying…

Lincoln:  Whenever he falls down and isn’t seriously injured, I’ll ask him if he’s okay and he’ll say, “Yeah, I fine.”  Also, the other day when we were leaving the petting zoo, he unpromptedly said to the Chef, “I yuv (love) tows (cows).”  He will also eat just about anything unedible.  Todays treats included a hunk of my eye shadow, some crayons, and part of a stick.  Whenever he spills anything on himself that is edible, he cries and says, “Eww gross.  Mess mama.” 

Malachi:  The other day he was trying to grab the Chef’s phone.  After repeatedly telling him “no”, the Chef pushed him back.  Malachi then said, “No push Daddy.  Be nice.”  (can you tell he’s heard these exact words coming from us a few thousand times?)  Malachi also likes to call every owie he has an “itch”.  But refuses bandaids.  In fact, both boys are scared of them.  He likes to draw pictures right now of cheese. 

Potty training update:  I’ve nearly given up about 100 times.  While he continues to go whenever you sit him on the toilet (or most of the time at least), he was definitely not grasping the concept of telling us before he had to go.  No matter what positive or negative reinforcement we used, he still wasn’t getting it.  Until today??  I hesitate to get too excited, but he has told us he has to “poot” (poop) 3 times today and gone pee all of those times! 

Baby Daly update:  I’m now nearly 16 weeks along.  Starting to feel much less fatigue.  I’ve been able to take the boys on bike rides nearly every day.  The nausea has also decreased quite a bit.  I was feeling a bit sick last night, but other than that, pretty good this week.  And I’m starting to feel little thumps and bumps.  Baby is usually in the low left side of my stomach and is pretty active.  We’ll find out in about a month if it’s a he or she… 🙂 

Care to wage a guess!?



  1. That is hilarious! I love the things kids say at this age. 🙂

    Okay, I am hoping you’ll have a little girl. That would just be cute! 🙂

  2. These are the best pix! The expressions you caught of the boys are priceless! And you look so beautiful, Holly…..the black dress nicely outlining your growing baby bump. Girl or boy? I am usually wrong, so I don’t even want to try to guess!

    Can’t wait to see you and the boys tomorrow. 🙂

  3. Your boys are so precious!! I think they’re gonna be awesome big bros to their little sister! I think you’re gonna have a little girl!

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