Posted by: urbanadventurertales | September 9, 2010

17 weeks… only 23 to go, yikes!

This pregnancy is flying by!!  Thankfully the past 2 weeks I’ve begun feeling much more myself.  I have not had nausea in at least a week and my fatigue during the day is getting better as well.  With this lovely cooler weather, it’s made for quite the refreshing time with the boys.  I’m enjoying them more than I have in weeks (hate to admit that, but the past couple months they have really drained me!) 

I’m feeling this little one kicking and moving quite a bit now, especially when I am lying down.  I did a few different Old Wives Tales for predicting the gender.  I did the Chinese Gender Chart and the Ring Test and both predicted girl.  I never did the ring test for the boys, but the Chinese Gender Chart was correct with them.  We’ll see in a few weeks!



  1. You look absolutely gorgeous!! Congratulations again on your new soon to be bundle of joy!! “SHE’s” gonna be as beautiful as you and those gorgeous boys!!

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