Posted by: urbanadventurertales | September 28, 2010

Half-way there! And guess the gender!

I’m 20 weeks today and can’t believe how fast this is going by.  We’ve been so busy these past few months that we both forget we’re having another baby at times!  Though this little one does remind he/she is coming by kicking quite often (even as I type this right now).  And we’re very excited to see what gender this little one is.  We’ll have an ultrasound this Friday.  I won’t lie, we’re both certainly hoping for a girl!  But things would be wonderful with another boy as well.  I love being the mother to little boys and they love their momma and look up to their daddy like none other 🙂  Plus, we have all boy things so it would be easy to transition another boy into the home. 

Here’ s a picture of my new hair cut and belly at 20 weeks…

 More orchard pics to come…

And feel free to vote on your guess regarding the baby’s gender!



  1. so exciting! regardless, it is going to be one stunning baby. makes me want to find out the gender now. so funny that you say you forget at times another one is coming because just last night I caught a glimpse of my belly and was startled…then I remembered I was pregnant.

  2. show a belly pic and ill guess right!

  3. What a cute pic! Your hair looks so pretty! I’m excited to hear the gender news. I voted girl 🙂

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