Posted by: urbanadventurertales | October 4, 2010

And the gender is….


Here’s our cute little guy at 20 weeks…

My ultrasound appt. went very well and he was extremely active.  It took a long time for the tech to get all the measurements because he was squirming around so much!  But of course, when it came time to find out the gender, he wanted to keep his legs closed, haha!  We eventually found out though.  Neither of us were surprised. Even though we were kind of hoping for a girl, we feel very blessed to have another healthy baby!  The Chef said we’ll just have to have another one till we get a girl.  I say we’re done (at least with birthing children). 

I was concerned about two things from my previous pregnancy with the boys.  I had a low-lying placenta with Malachi.  It eventually moved up on it’s own.  This time around it’s no concern at all.  The placenta is in a great position.  The other concern was a shortening cervix.  Mine started shortening around 16 weeks with the twins.  It never became a problem, but this time around it’s not a concern at all.  So thankful for a healthy pregnancy! 

The boys don’t really understand the concept of gender, but they do like to look at the ultrasound pictures and talk about the “baby mommy belly.”  Malachi likes to put the picture up to his belly and also give the baby’s picture hugs. 

We’ll be keeping the name a surprise until birth.  We’ve had a difficult time coming up with boy names this time around, but we think we’ve narrowed it down to a few that we like.  We’ll keep ya in suspense, haha 🙂  And…for the record, the last time I did a gender poll for the boys, the majority of people voted that they were a boy/girl. Next was girl/girl.  And last was boy/boy.  This time most people voted for girl, so once again it was not the majority that ended up predicting correctly!



  1. Congratulations! I remember getting pregnant after having twin boys. When I saw the ultrasound and saw that it was another boy, I was shocked! It’s great for hand-me-down clothing but an all-male house has its challenges.

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