Posted by: urbanadventurertales | October 18, 2010

Whatever would we do without our helpers!?

So, I mentioned briefly in the previous post that we recently moved.  You know, being 5 months pregnant, working part-time, having 2.5 year old twins… it makes perfect sense to add the stress of a move, doesn’t it!?  Now that we’re on the other end of it (for the most part) I am THRILLED with the change.  My commute to work is 7 minutes instead of 60.  I don’t have to battle the horrendous traffic of our old neighborhood.  And for the same amount we were paying to live on the northside, we are getting a much nicer place that fits the needs of our family much better! 

With the help our our little guys, we’ve gotten fairly settled in.  I don’t know how we would have gotten unpacked without them!?  haha…

They loved getting out their own little tools to help daddy hang some things on the walls. 

I am really excited to post pictures of our new place once we paint and get things situated over the next several weeks.  Stay tuned!  

*And an update on the big boy bed- they are doing a great job!  Occasionally we’ll have to go in during naptime to put them back in bed, but in general they are doing great.


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