Posted by: urbanadventurertales | November 4, 2010

Frick-or-freating with the Scared Crows

This was the first year the boys actually understood Trick or Treat.  They were very excited to go and excited to put on their costume, Scarecrows.  However, when the time came to actually go up to the houses and ask for candy, they were more “scared crows” than anything else.  Eventually they went to a few houses and said, “Frick or Freat”.  It was pretty cute.  I probably underestimated all the scary costumes that people would be wearing and how it would scare them. 



  1. Holly, that’s pretty clever: Scared Crows! An apt description, though. It felt a lot safer “practicing” trick or treat at home than actually going out in public with all those strangely dressed big kids!

  2. These guys are the cutest little set of scarecrows I have ever seen!! How adorable!

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