Posted by: urbanadventurertales | November 13, 2010

Picky eaters…

One of my biggest mantras before I had children was that I was NOT going to have picky eaters.  My kids would try what was served to them and eat well.  Oh how the mighty have fallen.  I admit that I’ve become pretty lazy and taken the path of least resistence, feeding them basically the same 5-6 things that I know they like. 

My good friend Betsy came last weekend and brought her daughters, who happen to be adorable and GREAT eaters.  The boys had a blast with Noura!  And seeing the way Betsy handles mealtime with her girls kick-started me to make some changes in our house.

So, this week I’ve eaten every meal with them and we’ve had dinner every night as a family together.  The Chef usually cooks dinner at our house (yeah!!!) but we’ve made a habit of eating after the boys go to bed.  He agreed to make dinner between 5:30-6:00 so we can all eat together.   We encourage them to try new things and make little games out of eating the food and make a HUGE deal when they try something new.  We don’t force them to finish their food, but don’t offer them anything besides what is being served.  I was pleasantly surprised that they actually tried and liked broccoli and green beans this week! 

Bedtime/naptime in the big boy bed continues to be going great.  I’m really proud of the boys.  They are very obedient about staying in bed and love to snuggle under their comforter together.  They have separate pillows and have designated which one belongs to which, along with which side of the bed they want to sleep on. 

And the biggest news is Lincoln has desided to potty train himself!  He wants to sit on the toilet ALL the time.  But has yet to actually pee on it, haha!  But at least he’s not being completely resistant to it.  So, I’m going to just take it at his pace and give him plenty of opportunities to go during the day, but not push them too much. 

I also had my 26 week appt. today.  Everything is looking good.  Baby boy has a heartbeat of 142 and I’m measuring 2 weeks ahead.  Blood pressure is great.  I had to take my glucose test today and the drink made the baby go CRAZY.  He was literally jumping all over my belly, it’s a riot!  

At daycare, the boys were introduced to a 2 month old baby.  Their teacher said that they were really sweet with the baby at first, and then were crying until she put the baby down.  Uh oh. 



  1. theyre so stinkin adorable! We loved hanging out for 2 whole days!!

  2. I’m loving Lincoln’s hair in these pics. Awesome lighting too! Can’t wait to see them next month!

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