Posted by: urbanadventurertales | November 22, 2010

Living room re-deaux

The living room in our new place is beautiful.  It has wood floors, a fireplace, and these beautiful leaded-glass windows that stretch across the entire front of the room and around the sides a bit. 

The walls were all a cream color with white on the windows, fireplace, crown molding, and baseboards.  So, knowing our affinity (or maybe obsession) with needing to live in a place with color… we had to paint (thankfully had some friends generously give us money towards this endeavor!)

We decided to go with two shades of green (a lighter olive and darker olive).  We used the lighter color on the walls.

We used the darker olive against the fireplace wall and the insides of the trim that was on the walls.  (My apologies b/c the color isn’t represented very well in these photos!)

It’s amazing what a couple cans of paint can do for a room!  Our next venture will be the dining room!  Stay tuned 🙂



  1. The green looks pretty. We want to paint so bad but we are gonna wait till we move to a bigger place. Our landlord doesn’t mind us painting as long as its light colors but i am not a fan of light colors so we just leave it as is.
    The only place we have painted is the bathroom and its a similar green to the lighter green you have on your walls.
    And i LOVE hardwood floors, so jealous. My plan is to move to a place that has them, i think it will be so much better on the older boys allergies to not have carpet.

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