Posted by: urbanadventurertales | December 8, 2010

All is calm, all is bright…

As of 10:34 pm, all is calm in the Daly household.  We’ve had an incredibly busy couple of weeks with all the holiday photo shoots going and regular work schedules.  After this weekend, things should slow down.  Here’s my 30 week pic of baby boy.   I have an OB appt. this Friday and she will schedule an ultrasound to measure growth.  Baby boy is very active still, kicking me in the bladder all the time!  I’m getting pretty uncomfortable and ready to not be pregnant, but also not ready to have a newborn just yet! 

The boys are so funny with their understanding of the baby.  Malachi calls him “Baby Stink Him” (he’s trying to say his name, but comes out wrong).  He also claims he has a baby boy in his tummy named Daddy.  Lincoln calls the baby “Baby Tinson” and loves to kiss and hug him. 

The Chef and I agree that the past month, we feel like the boys have turned a corner as far as their behavior and emotional melt-downs.  They’re tons of fun, always coming up with creative games and pretend play.  We’re able to carry on better conversations with them and in general they are pretty compliant these days. 

Another cute thing is their affinity for Santa.  Particularly Malachi.  He talks about Santa and all things Santa-related (sleigh, reindeer, etc).  When you ask him what he wants for Christmas he says he wants a jingle bell from Santa’s sleigh 🙂



  1. your boys crack me up with the things they say.

    you look great, can’t believe you are already 30 weeks

  2. thank you for the requested pregnancy pic! You look great!

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