Posted by: urbanadventurertales | December 20, 2010

Product review: Scotch easy cutter and pop-up tape

These products were being advertised this year and we decided to give them a whirl…

The easy cutter claims to be a fast and easy way to cut wrapping paper while maintain clean lines and edges.  Verdict:  Waste of money!  It was very difficult to use, especially when trying to start cutting a new line.  It would crinkle up the edges and I ended up using regular scissors to fix the mistakes. 

The easy pop-up tape was a decent investment.  You’re able to easily get a pre-cut piece of tape out of the dispenser while maintaining a hold of your wrapping paper.  The initial product comes with the pre-cut tape, but once you  run out, you have to replace.  There’s about a full roll’s worth in the package.  So as long as you’re willing to replace the tape, it’s pretty easy to use.



  1. I absolutely love the pop up tape dispenser. I got mine and some tape refill packs at Dollar Tree…check em out. Although they may only sell them during the holidays.

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