Posted by: urbanadventurertales | January 8, 2011

5 lbs. of baby, 25 lbs. of extra mommy….

Ugh.  I’m packing on the lbs. too much in this pregnancy!  I gained a total of 37 lbs. with the twins.  I’m already up to 30 lbs. with this one baby!  I had my appt. this week with the doctor and everything is looking great.  She thinks the baby is right around 5 lbs. right now and I’m measuring 34 weeks.  Blood pressure is good, heartbeat is good.  Weight gain is not-so-good.  Let’s just says I’ve gained 1/3rd of it in the past month.  What the heck!?  How do you pack on 10 lbs. in a month!?  This momma is really looking forward to breastfeeding and the calorie-burning benefits 🙂  A lot of my clothes aren’t fitting but I refuse to buy new ones as this is probably my last pregnancy and I don’t want to buy clothes that I’ll only wear for another 6 weeks. 

Here’s to the home-stretch!



  1. Holly,
    We’ve ALL gained this past month because of all the holiday eating. So blame it on that!

  2. lol, i know i have gained 10lbs over the holidays, wish i had pregnancy as an excuse. hahaha

    anyways, 30lbs isn’t bad at all. i can’t believe you only gained 37 with the twins, you got lucky with that.
    can’t believe you are getting so close to the end

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