Posted by: urbanadventurertales | February 3, 2011

Winter mornings…

We are officially snowed in today.  But this morning is fairly typical for us during winter-time anyways.  I’m a firm believer that unless we have to get bundled up to go outside, we don’t need to.

Currently, the boys favorite breakfasts are “freat cereal” (aka treat cereal- or any cereal really) for Lincoln:

And “wassles” (aka waffles) for Malachi.  Both boys have to pull their chairs up to the kitchen counter every morning to help me make their breakfasts. 

If we are going to work/daycare, then usually we will put clothes on after breakfast and get ready to go.  But during home-days, we get to watch cartoons and lounge around for awhile.  This morning, they watched a favorite- Dora the Explorer with dad.

The good thing about dad is he’s a great mix of snuggling and affection mixed with running and wrestling.  Mom is just good for snuggles. 

(side note* I’m so glad the boys inherited his profile instead of mine!)

One of my favorite things about this age is that they boys are becoming very imaginative in their play.  Today, the newest game they came up with went something like this:

Linc- “Oh no!  I’m stuck in the cave.  Save me, Kai Kai!”

Malachi- “I need to go jump off the table before I save you.”

Malachi- “Come on Yincolns, get down.  Hurry!”

Lincoln- “Oh thank you!  You saved me!”

Then they would switch places and Lincoln would save Malachi.  They are really into being chased/stuck/hidden and needing to be rescued these days.

They then turned their attention to hiding in their “cave” (tent) with all their buddies (stuffed animals) to hide from the dinosaurs.  Malachi bribed the dinosaurs with icecream (pretend food from their kitchen) to keep them at bay.

And in general they’re just being cute together.  🙂

What a blessing to have a built-in best friend, huh?  Makes me wish I had a twin growing up!  And makes me feel a little sad for baby #3 that he will not have that.  I hope they boys will allow him to play with them as he gets older. 

One of their favorite toys these days is these plastic animals.  They want to take them in their coat pockets whenever we leave the house.  They love toting them around to different places in the house.  Who knew a $7 container of cheap plastic animals would bring such entertainment!?  I think we’ll have to invest in the farm animal set next. 

Malachi insists that this moose is really a reindeer.  He also insisted that Santa was coming this morning when he saw all the snow outside.

Speaking of snow, it’s finally stopped pouring down.  After they boys get up from their naps we’ll finally change into real clothes and venture out in the winterwonderland.  Stay tuned for Winter Afternoon pictures 🙂



  1. Your big boys will LOVE their little brother. I love seeing my boys hugging, carrying and talking to Brooks and he ADORES them. He yells and screams at them too don’t get me wrong but they honestly are all three best friends. In a few years those few years that seperate them won’t be a big deal anymore.
    Your boys are adorable. Great pics of them. Enjoy these last few days/weeks of pregnancy.

  2. They are SO CUTE. I love how two year olds play 🙂

  3. This was a fun post to read – I can hear them saying all those things you wrote in their cute little voices. I LOVE the picture of them laughing together in the tent. That one will be getting framed for sure.

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