Posted by: urbanadventurertales | February 4, 2011

Winter afternoon…

After a record-breaking 20 inch blizzard came to our part of the country, we ventured out to explore.  The street had not been plowed and cars were nearly covered.  The boys were up to their waists in snow.  They really had a blast! 

While it’s been wonderful being snowed in as a family, I must admit I’m a little nervous that I’m pushing my luck as far as the baby is concerned.  I’m only 11 days from my due date (thankfully no real labor symptoms), but as of this morning, our streets are still not plowed.  Hopefully by tomorrow we’ll be able to get out.  The night of the blizzard, I woke up in a panic that I was going into labor.  And last night, the Chef woke up several times worried that I was going into labor (I was sound asleep!)



  1. You were smart to record these pix of the Groundhog Day Blizzard of 2011! Love those rosy cheeks on the boys!

  2. My best friend in South Bend had a baby during the Blizzard of 1979… she road a police snow mobile three blocks to a waiting World War II ambulance and rode 5 blocks to Memorial Hospital…. all in late labor, and transition… her next two births were planned to be at home!
    Would it relieve your minds (Chef, too) to read up (google) home births? or just freak you out….
    Whatever you do, we will hold you both in our prayers that you have peace up until delivery….

  3. What fun for your kiddos. I am enjoying this winter being inside, cause I know that next winter we will be out playing in the snow whenever the temps allow us. I will be praying that they plow very soon, and that your labor holds off until then!

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