Posted by: urbanadventurertales | February 16, 2011

Valentine Cupcakes 101

I have to put on record for my childrens’ sake the fact that although their mother is terribly inept in the craft department, we do bake and cook a fair amount (this at least makes me feel better about the hours of tv they watch during the winter season…)  Today we made some Valentine cupcakes. 

And this is what was needed for our recipe:

1.  Cupcakes and icing

2.  Valentine hearts (we had some interesting ones this year…

3.  A chicken costume

4.  Some fabulous hair

5.  And of course some willing taste-testers!

They were both human and chicken approved…

Happy Valentines to the loves of my life!

And can’t leave out this wonderful guy!  My best friend who makes me laugh everyday and still romances me 🙂  I do fall more in love with him watching him as a father.  Can’t wait to experience it all again (hopefully soon!)  My newest little Valentine did not make his debut on Valentines Day, but we’re hoping it will be soon.  If not, he will be evicted against his will early next week.



  1. Justin Bieber’s hair is nothing compared to Linc’s!

  2. jump me? Hah!

  3. these are the cuuuuutest pics w best commentary!!

  4. adorable pictures!

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